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1.symmetrical realistic luxurious pink butterfly made of transculent diamonds on a white background,unreal engine,8k,C4D,photo real ultra high detail,sunrays from the back, cinematic lighting, water reflecting light –ar 3:4

2.under water lot of berries, strawberries, watermelon, candy, bubbles, sweets, water splash, many water droplets, very bright shiny, wide lens, hyper realistic, 8k, octane render, vibrant colors –w 500 –h 1000

3.One kind of flower is pink, its petals are transparent, deep as sea water, crystal like dew, it can feel the 8k –ar 9:16

4.this is surreal and exquisite CG rendering. Atnight, the pale blue sky, glaciers covering the beach,purple heart-shaped stones, glowing paths, roses, themoon, starlight, art, high definition, starry sky, manytiny and colorful luminous particles, illuminated by theMilky Way, the Arctic, tundra and icebergs, fantasy,high details, beauty, 8K, octane light and shadow,complicated details, super wide angle, panoramicshooting, 8k. High definition.Volumetric light,8K HD –ar 9:16

5.The whole picture is fragmented, and the stars in the night sky and the broken ice lake are shining. Light blue aurora, spiritual light, stars, stars shining, breaking ice lake, breaking starry sky, galaxy, Michael james smith matte painting, CG rendering, volume light, space art, bioluminescence, unreal engine 5, super wide angle, high definition, volume light, volume light volume light,HD –ar 9:16

6.The feeling of fragmentation of the whole picture, Night Sky, The stars on the broken ice lake shine. Yellow Aurora, Spirit Light, Stars, Stars Flash, Break up the ice lake, break the starry sky, Galaxy, Michael James Smith Matte Painting, CG Rendering, Volume Light, Space Art, Bioluminescence, Unreal Engine 5, Ultra Wide Angle, High Definition, HD,volume light,volume lightVolumetric light HD –ar 9:16

7.In the night sky,the stars shine on the silky lake, and the light green roses float on the water. Aurora, fairy light, stars, twinkling stars, a meteor across the sky,wide lake,starry sky,Michael James Smith’s matte painting,CG rendering,volumetric light, space art, bioluminescence, illusory engine5,super wide angle, high definition, HD,HD –ar 9:16

8.Glittering green flaming lotus flower with a pearl in the middle of the lotus, floating and burning on water, symmetrical, evil, destruction, spooky, self-luminous, virtual engine, 8K, chaos –ar 9:16

9.It is a beautiful picture. There are many huge blue roses floating in the deep sea, the brightness of the moon, magic clouds, several sailboats, giant sailboats, Klein Blue Dream rendering, surreal, surreal, super beautiful dream, HD,beautiful ethereal fairyland–HD –ar 9:16

10. A Dandelion made of White crystal,Blue sky,epic,Art on Instagram,concept art,digital painting,3d,style of Psychedelia art,8K,hyperdetailed,render –ar 10:14 –test –creative –upbeta

11.hyperdetailed oasis with saguaro cacti and flowers emerging from ground of hyperdetailed fantasy desert that with a stream flowing through it that glows like the sunset, cinematic lighting, 8k, unreal engine, octane render, realistic –ar 16:24 –test –creative –upbeta –upbeta

12.Through high definition CG,Red Rose in Fire, Lightning,Light Effects, 8K, Ultra HD, Blizzard style art trends,Luminous fog luminous volume lighting,HD –ar 9:16

13.Golden Lake under the starry sky, with huge transparent golden ice cubes, ice caves, yellow aurora, blue sky, shining stars, CG rendering, space art, bioluminescence, unreal engine 2, super wide angle, high definition, volume light, volume light. Co-created by Mark Addums and Vincent Favre HD –ar 9:16

14.Imagine angel, beautiful, magical, goddess Wu, adventure, mirror, glass, magic circle, magic circle, fantasy, mist, light, crystal, gold, nebula, surreal, illusory angel, beautiful, magical, goddess Wu, in the middle, magical. Mirror, Glass, Magic Circle, Magic Gate, Fantasy, Mist, Fluorescence, Crystal, Black, Nebula, Surreal, unreal engine,HD –ar 9:16

15.Imagine an angel, beautiful, magical, adventure, Mirror, glass, magic, magic, magic, Fantasy, Mist, light, Crystal, gold, nebula, surreal, Imaginary Angel, beautiful, magical, Angel, in the middle, amazing. Mirror, glass, Magic Circle, magic door, Fantasy, Mist, fluorescence, Crystal, pink, nebula, surreal, fantasy engine, HD –ar 9:16

16.Imagine the lotus angel, in the heart of the flower, bit by bit to present it beautiful, magic, witch goddess, adventure, mirror, glass, magic circle, magic circle, fantasy, fog, light, crystal, gold, nebula, surreal, unreal angel, beautiful, magic, witch goddess, middle, magic. Mirrors, glass, magic circles, Might and Magic Doors Fantasy, Mist, Fluorescence, Crystal, Black, Nebula, Surreal, unreal engine,HD –ar 9:16

17.Through high-definition CG, purple lotus, light purple flame, lightning, lighting effect, 8K, ultra-high definition, blizzard style art trend, luminous fog luminescence, volume lightVolumetric light –ar 9:16

18.Through high definition CG, Lycoris recoil, Japanese animation, multiple exposure, Starscream Chrysanthemum,Ultra HD, petal crystal clear, dewdrop crystal clear , hyper-detail, long exposure, dramatic light, 8K ,HD –ar 9:16

19.At night, there are many shooting stars reflected in the sky on the heart-shaped ice lake, rainbow, blue, laser wings, floating luminous particles, aurora, fairy light,body light,body light,luminous creatures, stellar luminous particles, soft light, surreal, modern style, art, dream engine, ultra wide angle perspective,hin renderingHD –ar 9:16

20.At night, the beautiful valley, the Milky Way, the moon, the golden rose streaming with stars, stars, luminous particles, meteors, magical clouds, mysterious dreams, stars falling, soft light, real picture, lucky digital rendering HD –ar 9:16



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